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Should you Update/ Redesign Your Website?

Whether a potential customer finds you through a search engine like Google or social media, your website is where they get to know your products and develop their opinion on your brand. If your website design doesn’t appeal to your prospective buyer, they can click away in a matter of seconds (bounce rate is a great metric for this). First impressions are everything, so you need to put your best foot forward with your site design.

Staying Trendy Is Important

We’re living in a digital age where trends are constantly changing. It’s important to keep your website up to date with a fresh design and trending content. It makes your business look active and engaged while building trust with your customer. Does your current website design show that your company is modern and delivering exceptional products, or is the design outdated with flashy ads that look like the Las Vegas strip? Your customers want to feel like they’re shopping somewhere trendy and relevant, not a website that looks like it’s been abandoned. Investing in the look of your website through a website redesign agency is like doing a renovation on your home and giving it a fresh coat of paint before resale. It’s more appealing to prospective buyers because it doesn’t look outdated.

A Modern Website Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

There are many aspects of your website that factor into your SEO ranking. By keeping your site update to date, you can have a positive impact on the following factors:

Page Speed: The top-positioned sites on Google have an average load time of fewer than 3 seconds. An older website with dated HTML code and design can take longer to load if it’s not optimized for speed.

Time on Site: The amount of time a user spends on your site is indicative of whether or not there is value in your content for people looking for a similar subject. Making sure your website is well designed will grab your audience’s attention, but it’s not enough. Your site also needs to have a cohesive flow that makes navigation simple. The content needs to be relevant to keep them engaged. A website redesign company can work with you to ensure that your site is optimized and provides the best possible experience for the user.

Mobile-Friendly: Over 230 million U.S consumers use smartphones, and nearly 80% of them have made an online purchase in the last 6 months using their phone. 84% of mobile shoppers have experienced difficulty completing their mobile transactions. This means this is a huge area where you can improve your site to meet your customer’s needs and offer a superior experience to your competitors. Making your site mobile-friendly should be a top priority for your website design.

When To Update

To stay relevant, you should redesign your website every two to five years. With technology constantly changing, you can start to miss out on the opportunity to provide your user with the best website experience if you don’t make changes as they come out. It’s best to keep an eye on your competitors. Does their website load faster than yours? Is the design more appealing to your audience? These are things to keep in mind when you’re considering revamping your website. Changing your site can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t want to negatively impact sales or your SEO ranking. The Ripple Effect Group (REG) is a web design company that can help you redesign a site that meets your unique business needs. No company is the same, which is why we take a tailored approach to building a site that will delight and excite your customers.

The Ripple Effect Group, in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, can help you with keeping your website looking good! Let’s start the conversation today! Email us at help@therippleeffectgroup.com or give us a call at 959-200-4252.

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