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A $15,000 Domain Name and the Start of a Media Company

website media

We were recently approached by an entrepreneur that had just purchased a highly sought after domain name, www.RealEstateToday.com. He needed us to create a logo and website while he hired content creators to provide a steady stream of real estate news pieces. We were asked to complete the task in two weeks.

Creating the Logo

The business owner wanted to use red and a bold font for the logo and wanted it to look like a news publisher logo. He also wanted into to be unique to the marketplace. After a few days of research and a lot of back and forth, we created the finished logo for Real Estate Today.

Horizontal Logo
Vertical Logo
Social Icon

The Website

Creating the website we were tasked with the following:

Create a look of an established media website.

Build in a content management system that will allow for easy loading of news pieces.

Allow for video, photo galleries, and create a system to feature new and trending articles.

Set up ad spaces to be sold both manually and through using Google PPC Adsense codes.

The site needed to be simple to read and to navigate.

After hours and hours of overtime we were able to arrive at the desired result and our client was extremely satisfied with the result. We wish Real Estate Today great success in building their media empire!

Here is a screen shot of the site with placeholder content and the link to visit it is here www.RealEstateToday.com .

If you need help creating a logo or a new website please reach out to The Ripple Effect Group, in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, at help@theRippleEffectGroup.com. The Ripple Effect Group is a full service marketing agency that services small, medium, and large business of all types.


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