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Google Reviews – The Power of a High Ranking

The ripple effect group google reviews

Whether your business is a large established brand or you are a small company just beginning, there are a tremendous amount of benefits associated with Google reviews. Google is most often the first and only place a consumer will consult when looking for a particular product, service, or place to grab some food and drinks. Google serves, in many instances, as the initial experience between a potential consumer and a business, which is exactly why it is so powerful. Here’s a peek at the power of Google, as well as the obvious benefits associated with the search engine and its reviews.

The Power of Google

More than 2.3 million Google searches are performed every single second. When a consumer searches for something such as ‘roofers near me’ or ‘Italian restaurants near me,’ not only do they get a list of businesses, but they also those tiny gold stars next to it, as well as little previews of reviews offered up by past customers. When you consider that 80% of customers admit they read up to 5 reviews when making a purchase decision, Google’s power and the power of those reviews becomes apparent.

Google ads ripple effect

Some might say that the power of Google reviews doesn’t really matter to them because they are in a small town where everyone knows them, but they should really reconsider their stance. As many as 92% of costumers read online reviews for local businesses and the first factor they use to judge a business is their Google Review rating.

The Benefits of Google Reviews

They Build Trust

Trust applies to services, brands, products, and the customer service you provide. People tend to trust what others have to say, and recommend, because their reviews are perceived as genuinely authentic feedback that will undoubtedly reflect how their potential experience will end up. This is especially true when it comes to the quantity of reviews a business has.

They Increase Click Thru Rate

Click Thru Rate is essentially a business’ appeal or its consumer engagement potential measurement. For example, if your business has 40 – 5 star reviews, 1 – 3 star review, and 1 – 1 star review, consumers are more likely to trust you more than your competitor who has just 8 – 5 star reviews. While the other company may have no bad reviews, they do not match the number of positive reviews you have. This is why it is so important to ask your customers to leave Google reviews. Typically, people are more likely to go through the review process to complain about a bad experience, so it is crucial for business’ to have a proactive system in place to encourage happy customers to take the time to also share their experience.


The ripple effect group google reviews

They Provide SEO Perks

SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the method a search engine, such as Google, uses to determine where a business’ business should rank when a consumer conducts an internet search. A business’ Google Reviews has a significant impact on its Google Maps ranking, and it also enhances a business’ overall online presence in terms of an organic search.

How Can Your Business Get More Google Reviews?

First, you have to claim your Google business listing, which you can do by going to Google My Business. Then, you will need to add content to your listing, verify your address (which is done by obtaining a verification code Google sends you), and finally, you need to start seeking reviews. The best way to obtain reviews is to obtain the short link that Google provides (in the Google Business dashboard) that when clicked, on by a customer, will take them directly to your Google Business listing. By using this link, customers can easily post a review, and reduce their time spent doing so. The easier you make it for your customer to access the ranking page the more reviews you will get. Many successful businesses will email or text this link to a customer immediately after a transaction is complete. 

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