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PPC and Organic Blogging – The Power of a Dual Pronged Strategy – Case Study

The Ripple Effect Group Blogging and PPC

Marketing Strategy – A Case Study: One amazing case study, with one of our clients, shows the power of running Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and implementing an Organic SEO strategy (blogging) to increase search site traffic. Reviewing their Google Analytics data, year over year, clearly shows its this strategy’s efficacy. There’s no denying hard data, to put it in common terms “numbers don’t lie”!

The Ripple Effect Group Blogging and PPC

Take a look at this client’s data from June 1st 2020 – Feb 13, 2021 (we chose June because they began their blogging in June of 2021).

The Ripple Effect Group Blogging and PPC

The red arrow shows that they achieved 526 site visitors from organic searches on Google. For those that do not know what “organic” means, it means that these were clicks on search results that were not paid for. Their site showed in search because of their site content.

The yellow indicates they achieved 417 site visitors from their paid Google Ads (PPC). During this time period the client had just begun their PPC Campaigns. Over time, as you will see in the next slide, Google ads get more powerful as the campaign manager (the Ripple Effect Group, us) hones their ads. Adding positive and negative keywords, terms and phrases, testing responsive ads, extensions, and site-links.

In the next slide you will see what a fun year of PPC and Organic SEO can accomplish. Their Organic Search numbers grew nearly 300% to 1,342 (yellow arrow). Looking at URL traffic it can easily be seen that their blog content was directly responsible for this dramatic increase. You can also see their PPC (red arrow) was up almost 400%, with an incredible 1,568 clicks on Google PPC ads.

The Ripple Effect Group Blogging and PPC

Any client can achieve similar results with a sustained dual pronged strategy of blogging and honing Google PPC ads. The best thing is that you don’t need a large monthly budget to achieve these results!

If you’d like to learn more about how this strategy can work for you, please email us at help@theRippleEffectGroup.com, or click Contact US on our site.

The Ripple Effect Group, REG, is a Marketing Agency centrally located in Rocky Hill, CT.. The Ripple Effect Group provides website, SEO, PPC, SEM, blogging, graphic design, video, advertising strategy, and most other forms for traditional and modern marketing.

The Ripple Effect Group, in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, can help you figure out a marketing budget that fits both your budget and your aspirations! Let’s start the conversation today! Email us at help@therippleeffectgroup.com or give us a call at 959-200-4252.



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