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Effective Billboard Advertising – 5 Rules to Succeed

Billboard ad

Roadside billboards have been used to in marketing plans to advertise for over 100 years. Driving around highways in your local area should point to an obvious set of facts. 1) 97% of billboards have active ads 2) businesses are paying good money to get their message to local drivers 3) if billboard ads didn’t produce results businesses would have stopped using them years ago.

If you decide to spend money on these high rise advertising canvases how can you ensure it will be a success?

Here are 5 simple rules to enhance your chances.

  1. Check the maps: If you want to assert your business’ dominance and provide an alternative choice for your competitor’s customers try to place your billboard directly next to their property, or in their backyard. Alternatively, be sure (if you’re taking another route (pun intended)) that your billboard is facing traffic that is coming towards your location. Look at traffic counts and take the drive yourself to be positive that the driver will have a view of your ad during peak traffic (congestion).
  2. Be colorful: Using bright colors or a bold images in your ad will allow you to effortlessly attract eyes to your message. Contrasting colors within an ad will also create an even better impact that will help improve the retention of your ad and brand.

3. Be loud: Short, sweet, and to the point. Let’s face it if you’re driving 65 miles per hour past a billboard it doesn’t give you a lot of time to read. Make sure you can sum up your message in just a few BOLD words. Shoot for a maximum of 7 words or less.

4. Be large: A large interesting image can tell your story. In fact, an image will help retain your message better than just words (recent studies show people only retain 14% of what they read in an ad. Make sure the image makes an impact in 5 seconds. Test this by sharing your design with colleagues and ask them to view it for only a few seconds. If they smile, or grin, mission accomplished! If they look at all confused you’ll want to make a change.

5. Consistency: DO NOT attempt to use billboard advertising for just one month. Very rarely have we seen a one month billboard campaign have any kind of immediate affect. The clients that have embraced billboards as a consistent part of their marketing game plan have seen the best results. The use of tracking ids such as coupon codes and/or tracking 800 numbers have proven that you first gain traction and gradually momentum after a minimum of 3 months. A strong strategy to consider is to be present on billboards 9 months out of the year, taking 3 months off during your slower season.

The Ripple Effect Group, in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, can help you figure out a marketing budget that fits both your budget and your aspirations! Let’s start the conversation today! Email us at help@therippleeffectgroup.com or give us a call at 959-200-4252.

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