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Are you using Tumblr or Pinterest to Generate Backlinks?

the ripple effect group pinterest and tumblr

I’m sure most of you realize how creating backlinks on other sites can significantly increase your organic search rankings in a short period of time. Have you initiated this yet into your organic SEO plan? 

First of all a backlink is a link to your site that is on another site… Kind of like an off-ramp from their site to yours. Google doesn’t really care if you have backlinks on “orphan” sites where there is little to no traffic. They do however love to see numerous backlinks on popular sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter etc…

the ripple effect group backlinks

Here’s a quick example of how you can embed your link into a very popular site like Tumblr… 

1) Create a login/profile that is set up under your business. Personalize your profile information but include your company info as well. Use your own face in the photo… We want people to interact with your posts to gain more links (when they share or friend you). To do that effectively people need to see that they are interacting with a specific person (not a company).

2) Make sure you put your web address in your profile information. This gives you your first BACKLINK, Yeah!

3) Now begin creating posts. There are three easy backlink locations that you can place in a single photo post (see photos). One location is at the bottom left of the photo (hover over the area until you see hyperlink icon) click in that location and then type in the link to your web address. Secondly, you can click in the upper right of the post where you see the settings “gear” icon. When that opens plug your URL into the box which asks for the attributing URL.

the ripple effect group backlinks seo

Finally, make sure to write in a comment and give your business or site a shot out… Then highlight the business name or site name and click on the install hyperlink icon… This is your 3rd backlink in a single post. The more this is shared (re-blogged) the more backlinks you’ll receive!

One neat idea would be for you to create a post asking for feedback on your website… You should be able to get quite a few Tumblr members clicking on your backlink to do a review… Here you’ll get some good Goolge referral traffic coming from Tumblr… 

You can do similar things on other popular social sites & blogs… Use your links! 

The Ripple Effect Group, in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, can help you figure out a marketing budget that fits both your budget and your aspirations! Let’s start the conversation today! Email us at help@therippleeffectgroup.com or give us a call at 959-200-4252.

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