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Social Media Marketing is Like Working Out

the ripple effect group social media tips

Working Out- It wasn’t that long ago when many of us made our New Year’s resolution that we would start working out again! Heck, spring and summer are right around the corner! How’s that resolution coming along? Wouldn’t it be great if we could just sign up for a service where all the working out is done for us? Hmmm, for a few hundred dollars a month my body gets the equivalent of 1,000 crunches, 100 miles of running and lets add in 40 hours of Crossfit wods. Sign me up NOW!

It just happens automatically, all I do is go about my day business as usual. Hopefully, this happens in my lifetime… Install a bio chip, or take a pill and get fit AF!

the ripple effect group social media tips

Let’s change gears here…

I’d like to draw an analogy to this scenario with social media marketing. If I had a dollar every time someone said to me: 

them: “Ya, I tried social media ads once it didn’t do anything for me” 


them: “I handle my own social media”, 

me: “when did you last post?” 

them: “I did it a few months ago for a few days, it has been a while since I last posted”. 

me: SMH

me inside brain yelling: You can’t get into shape by working out once, or for a few days every couple of months!!!


You can’t find success with social platforms doing it once, or for a few days every couple of months!!!

CONSISTENCY is key to the gym and social media!

Marketing a business was once explained to me like this… It’s like you are pushing a huge, heavy cement ball. You push and push as hard as you can and it slowly begins to roll. You have to keep pushing it or it will quickly slow down. Once it gets going the weight of the ball gradually helps take away some of the load. You get momentum. Your consistent effort has created momentum.

I’ve run several businesses in my lifetime and have had marketing budgets up to $100,000 per month. The analogy of the cement ball? Dead on. 

Consistent, strong effort builds momentum and you begin to see the rewards as you go (like the gym). An example of how a consistent campaign works: a person who saw your ads, or posts, over the last several months didn’t act because they weren’t in the market at the time. They see your ad again and it just so happens that they are in the market now! They have what’s called “brand recall”… The message carries more weight with them and they get a strong impulse to click on the ad/post. 

Back to the gym analogy.

Remember that pill, or bio chip, we talked about earlier? Where you could pay a monthly fee and the working out would be done for you? Well, in the social media world that actually exists! Hire a professional team of social media experts to build your social platform strategy and implement it. Set it and forget it! Plan a small budget to boost some of your posts, budget in the social media teams fee and then get to work on closing business! 

Get that big cement ball going starting today. Visit the Ripple Effect Group’s page and get a free quote www.theRippleEffectGroup.com

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