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Social Media Analytics

Just how successful is your brand’s social media program, anyway? To accurately measure the success of your social media efforts, it’s important to know what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to drive sales by acquiring and retaining new fans? Are you trying to increase brand awareness? We work closely with you to help establish specific goals and how they’ll be measured throughout the length of our engagement. Our social media agency measures the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts and communicates any unexpected findings within your social data that can be leveraged to optimize your social media strategy. Without informed measurement processes in place, these insights will go unnoticed, and you will miss out on opportunities to connect with your consumers in ways you may have never considered.


Defining what you’re measuring

53% of social media marketers don’t measure their success. We examine your social media performance by looking into three areas of measurement. The first area is engagement where we measure every interaction that happened during a reporting period. This includes everything from page likes, comments, shares, post likes, retweets, favorites, repins, direct messages and brand mentions. The better the content, the higher the engagement, which in turn results in much broader organic reach. Reach is the second area we study, where we find out how many unique users saw content from any of your social channels. This is an important metric for us to monitor because the organic reach of a page can vary significantly from one social channel to another, especially with the amplification of paid social media. We also inspect conversions. We rely on the conversion tracking pixels provided by social channels that can be placed on your website to confirm when users have completed your desired call to action. Once the key performance indicators are established, the approach, methodology, metrics, and depth of analysis are decided. We create a customized reporting system that is produced on a weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly basis to track progress. This reporting system reviews the social channels that are growing and what kind of content appears to be getting the most engagement for your brand. Reporting this information along with engagement demographics provides you with a great perspective on your social media performance and your return on investment.


Activity-based metrics vs. results-based metrics

We clarify the difference between activity-based metrics and results-based metrics when conducting reporting for your brand. Activity-based metrics can be used to gain insights into a brand or product when looked at from different points of view. If a specific post were re-shared ten times more than another post, we would delve into where the users sharing the post are located as well as their demographics. Results-based metrics focus on the measurement of sales, leads or any other desired action being completed by a user via social media. We conduct an in-depth analysis of all published content to generate critical takeaways that can be leveraged to develop new opportunities.


How deep is our analysis?

We take a comprehensive approach to our analysis and dig into specific pieces of content that provide us with insights into what should be adjusted or tracked for future optimization. Certain types of content may resonate particularly well with your target audience and result in bursts of engagement. We analyze the phrases and demographic information of the highest-performing posts to take away information about your brand and strengthen our ongoing social listening efforts. We consider social analytics a necessary element of your social media strategy and ensure that we monitor, analyze and remain informed to guide you through the ever-changing social landscape.



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