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What Colors are Right for Your Brand?

the ripple effect group branding colors logos

What Colors are Right for Your Brand?

An exceptional logo is key to building a memorable brand identity. Typography and color are major factors to consider in design, and so is knowing who your audience is and the message you want to convey about the brand. Selecting the right color palette is important because colors can evoke different moods and emotions. Generally, designers advise using no more than three or four colors in a logo.

the ripple effect group branding colors logos

Color theory is a mix of art and science and has been used by marketers for years to influence how people think about brands. The three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue are the basis for all other color combinations. However, people perceive colors and their meanings differently depending on their culture and ethnic background. For example, in some cultures the color white symbolizes purity and innocence, and in others, white symbolizes death.

In American society, these are common color associations:

· Green: Associated with nature, calmness and healing, green is often used in health and beauty brands and natural food companies such as Whole Foods.

· Blue: As the color of the sky and the sea, blue is thought to convey reliability, trustworthiness, and peace. It is often used by conservative brands to inspire trust. The logos of Paypal, American Express, and Lowe’s are just a few examples.

· Red: The color of power, strength, energy, excitement and passion, red tends to grab people’s attention and is thought to stimulate hunger. It’s used in many food, health, beauty, and entertainment companies such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, Target, Dairy Queen, and others.

· Yellow: Yellow is a warm color associated with happiness, friendliness and energy and can appeal to children. Brands using yellow in their logos include McDonald’s, Best Buy, Denny’s and Shell.

· Purple: Associated with royalty, power, wealth, and luxury, the color purple is more popular with women than men. Companies that use purple in their logos include FedEx, Yahoo, and Hallmark.

Working with a professional on logo design is a must. The right color choices can help your brand better connect with customers, convey your values and establish your identity.

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