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Google Ads – Common Mistakes to Avoid

the ripple effect group Common mistakes google ads

So, you think you have set up the perfect Google Ads campaign? If so, great job! However, I am willing to bet that, like most users, there is at least one mistake listed in this email that you have in your campaign. So, read on my friend, read on…

Google Ads can be an extremely effective lead and sales generation machine and the myriad of features, customization, and targeting options it offers are plentiful.  Unfortunately, Google Ads is set up to vacuum out your wallet if not used properly.  Avoiding these common mistakes can save you money and get you more business. 

Often, the default recommendations that Google suggests when setting up a campaign can prove to be a costly mistakeand are the very ones you want to avoid. There is a conflict of interest here you see — your agenda is to generate business; Google’s agenda is clicks.

the ripple effect group Common mistakes google ads

Where Your Google ADs are Shown 

When creating search network campaigns, you have the option to choose Search Network, Display Network, or both. You can also include Google search partners for both networks. For search campaigns where lead generation is the goal (and not say, brand awareness), you want to select only the Search Network, because conversion rate of clicks on Display Network is notoriously low compared to search, which drives up your Cost Per Acquisitions without any significant benefit.

What happens with Search Network when you target a keyword is that it will appear on Google and search partners only. If you also select Display Network, Google will try to place your ad on relevant websites, but it will not appear to people who are actively searching for you. Hence, choosing Display network is a waste of money, since you won’t get relevant traffic that actually converts.

Negative Keywords

On Google Ads, it is imperative that you keep expanding your negative keywords list based on your search term reports on a weekly basis, at the very least.

You should start by analyzing the search words / phrases that led people to see your ad.  If those keywords are not relevant to your ad you need to add them to the Negative Keyword list. For example on a recent client audit we found that the phrase “free online beer recipe” was producing 15 views and 3 clicks a month.  Adding free, online, and recipe to the list of negative keywords we were able to eliminate the wasted click spend form their ad campaign.

Geography & Time

Google would just love to have you show ads to everyone in the world.  But is that really going to help you convert sales? Think carefully about who your business appeals to and where exactly they would be coming from if they were interested. Is someone going to drive 300 miles to check out your golf lessons? Does that seem reasonable?  No, it doesn’t. In most cases, your Google Ads shouldn’t be shown to people that are searching from a location that is over 25 miles from you. 

You can target certain towns / areas where you think you’re most likely to acquire customers from. You can even target a small radius around some of your competitors to grab some of their market share.

As far as time goes, does it make sense for your ad to appear on weekends? Are you open? Does it make sense for your ad to appear at 1:00 am?  Sometimes you have to question is it the QUALITY or QUANTITY of the site visitor that I want. 

Come up with a schedule for your ads to run where you can maximize the quality of your site visitors. This is especially important when your budget is limited to, say for example, $3-$5 a day, it would be a disaster if your budget was eaten up at 2:00 am and for the rest of the day, while you’re open, you’re not showing any ads on Google.  This also holds true for turning off ads on the weekends (if you’re closed) so that you can increase your budget for the days that you are open.

Some other MISTAKES are Below

No Conversions to Measure Poor Keyword Research Not Testing Bidding Strategies Creating Only One Ad Variation Not Adding Extensions Ignoring Regional Trends Not Using Experiments

Running a successful Google Ads campaign takes some time, patience and a whole lot of testing.

If you want to learn more email me back! Happy Selling!

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