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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing REG

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, successful ways to get leads, engage your customers, and drive sales. Perhaps you’ve seen for yourself the power of email marketing by getting a personalized message from your favorite brand, along with product updates and a discount code that prompted you to then make a purchase. Perhaps after making that purchase, you received a thank-you from the company, tracking information, and later on, an opportunity to write a review, and an invitation (with incentives) to follow them on social media and invite your friends to do so also. All of these actions help to cement the company’s relationship with you and encourage you to recommend them to others. 

The beauty of email marketing is also its cost-effectiveness. Direct mail and print advertisements are expensive, involving photography fees along with printing and mailing costs, and are likely to reach a large percentage of people who are not in your target audience. Think of the many times you’ve received in the mail— and immediately tossed into the trash — a glossy flyer or brochure for products or services you have zero interest in, but your name and address happened to be on some company’s mailing list. Email marketing allows you to segment and target repeat customers and possible new customers with more precision. All you need is a talented writer to create the content, a graphic designer or access to stock images, and a good email marketing platform.

Email ensures that you’re getting your customers’ attention because most people check their emails on a regular basis. They’ve also indicated they want to hear from you because they always have the choice of opting out and unsubscribing. So, the customers you’re reaching are the ones interested in your messages, and you have golden opportunities to provide content that is of value to them, as well as obtain feedback from them via surveys about their satisfaction with your products or services, ideas for improvement, and so forth. 

Moreover, email marketing is effective for companies of all sizes. Even small businesses can create wildly effective campaigns. An example: a family-run fishing company that offers subscriptions to shipped boxes of frozen salmon and other seafood also emails its customers recipes, discounts, referral incentives, and the chance to join a private Facebook group of other customers who wish to share recipes. The company educates customers on its ethical and sustainable fishing practices and is quick to respond to any customer issues or complaints. Its newsletter has interesting stories of the ’ambassadors’ who support the work of the company and advise its leadership team. This business makes it easy to become and remain a loyal customer. You can do the same with your business with thoughtful email marketing.

The Ripple Effect Group, a Rocky Hill, CT, Marketing Agency can help you design and implement a consistent email campaign strategy! Reach out to us today and let’s start the conversation! Email us at Help@therippleeffectgroup.com


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